Silver clay .999 - 10g classic

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Silver clay .999 pure silver guaranted


90% Ag


Form an object by modeling or molding. You can assemble several parts made separately
: You've just to moist the parts to be bonded. To make flat objects, place a ball of clay
between two sheets of cling film and level it with a small cylinder or a transparent plate.
All oils are suitable but paraffin oil is the best choice. To obtain the desired thickness,
playing cards can be used on both sides of the ball of clay. The clay can be cut with a blade
cutter or cookie cutter. Texture plates require greasing. Never apply oil on the dough. Do
not oil to much your finger. If the dough cracks a little when you are working, just add a
small amount of water and knead the clay. Conversely, if the clay sticks too much at your
fingers, its a sign of excessive moisture.
Once the object is formed, place it on a layer of fabric like microfiber. Plastic or glass
surfaces should be avoided. Slow drying is strongly recommended to reduce the risk of
cracks. Some finishings can be made once the object dry, like a light sanding or engraving.
Before firing, check that the object is dry by heating it with a hairdryer and then dropping
it on a mirror. If some fog appears, continue drying.
Put your object directly at the bottom of your kiln. If you want, you can use a ceramic
sheet or a piece of Fire Clay. Fire at full ramp to 900°C (1652°F). Hold these temperature
for 60 min.
In the M40 Cloud kiln, the fire time is 60 min. (Always start the firing in a cold kiln).
Once firing is complete, a fast cooling is possible. In this case, adequate protection is
recommended. After firing, objects have a matte surface. For a shiny surface, use a wire
brush or sandpaper.